About us



Weight Loss & Vitality was fashioned with one focus in mind.  To provide exceptional and affordable medical care to our patients, with the intent of improving health and overall quality of life.

Weight Loss & Vitality center is a unique medical practice with a mission to provide patients access to available safe and effective medical interventions for lifestyle conditions such as weight gain, fatigue, decreased physical activity or intimacy. 

Regardless of how old or young you are your body is changing slowly every day.  Lifestyle activities that were once taken for granted can become a major obstacle in completing.

Our methods are consistently delivering striking weight loss and sensation of increased wellness and vitality as early as second week of the program. 

We concentrate on personal needs of each patient. Regardless of how you choose to achieve your goals we will evaluate your health characteristics and create an individualized plan that meets your goals.

We set realistic expectations. We place emphasis on educating you about all options available to you from us or other sources. We believe in full disclosure (commonly referred to in medical world as “informed consent”) as a key to your success.

We deliver results in the shortest time possible and do our best to advise you on how to maximize your chances of maintaining the results long term.


Meet our Medical Team

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