Medical Weight Loss

To lose weight, you must balance the calories you take in to the calories you burn.  Many people wonder why they just can’t seem to lose weight, despite their best efforts. Weight loss can be very difficult and often is not achieved simply by increasing activity and trying to consume “Healthy Foods”.  Although critical to any weight loss program, diet and exercise sometimes just isn’t enough.


Difficulty or inability to lose weight is often associated with stress to the hormone system across multiple systems including brain, gut, adrenals, and sex glands.  At Weight Loss and Vitality we want to make sure we do not overlook medical conditions or hormonal imbalances that can contribute to increased weight.  Prior to any treatment our doctors use blood testing to find possible conditions that may be leading to increased weight retention. 


At Weight Loss and Vitality, we offer a “Total Performance Evaluation”. This comprehensive evaluation includes more than 20 blood tests, many which are not routinely available at a primary care provider visit.


Beat the Hunger Bug, Stabilize Blood Sugar, Increase Metabolism & Break down Fat Cells


At Weight Loss and Vitality, we offer to kick-start your weight loss with several medications and weight loss aids. Every patient that receives weight loss medication will receive detailed instruction on the physiology of weight gain and the pharmacokinetics (function) of weight loss medication. Weight loss medication should not be considered the solution to weight control but rather an instrument to jumpstart a lifestyle that will support healthy weight loss and long-term control. Multiple treatment plans are available, all based on your specific goals and medical history. 


Most of the medications are used for a short duration (12 - 16 weeks). Results vary case by case, depending on the patient's current weight, willingness to lose weight, and general health condition.


Patients must change their lifestyle (diet and exercise) to help maintain weight loss over time rather than relying solely on medications.


Common treatment and procedures


  • Pharmacotherapy
    • Prescription weight loss medication
  • Disease Management
    • Management of certain chronic diseases found on initial evaluation
  • Exercise Counseling
    • Daily exercise programs
    • Personal training options
  • Dietary Counseling
    • Eating plans
    • Home food delivery options
    • Chef-prepared performance meals
  • Supplements
    • Detailed supplement schedule if needed





Meet our Medical Team

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