Common Medication/Supplements

At Weight Loss & Vitality Center our staff works to understand the characteristics and nature of your conditions. Our goal is improving your quality of life and exceeding your expectations. Eating less and moving more is the foundation for weight loss and improved health.  For some patients, supplements, medication and prescription drugs may be needed to improve weight loss efforts or to improve another health condition. Below is a list of commonly used medication however we also routinely prescribe all available medications as needed for conditions such as; sleep disturbances, pain, hypertension, routine injections, skin conditions, hyperlipidemia, anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity.



Commonly used medication or supplements:



Weight Loss Prescription Medications
Phentermine Bontril Lipotropic
Saxenda Contrave HCG
Proprietary Compound Prescriptions Medication



Top Weight Loss Supplements
CLA Garcinia Cambogia Green Bean Coffee Extract
Meratrim MCT Forskolin
Proprietary Compound Supplements



Hormone Management
Testosterone  Bioidentical Hormones Growth Hormone Peptides
Armour/NP Thyroid Cytomel HCG



Men’s Health
Sildenafil (Viagra®) Tadalafil (Cialis®) Tri-Mix
Bi-Mix Oxytocin
Proprietary Compound Prescriptions Medication for ED and PE



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