Weight Loss and Vitality Process

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Our center focuses on the management of many medical conditions, including Obesity, Hormone Disorders, Men’s Health, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Vitamin Deficiencies, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Digestive Problems, Chronic Pain, Facial Aging, Sarcopenia, and Resistant Fat Loss.


Weight Loss


Generally, weight loss patients are managed in a three-step process to ensure that all underlying medical conditions are addressed and weight loss can be initiated safely while maintaining accountability throughout the program.



The Three-Step Process

Success of the program centers on a basic three-step process: the initial visit, provider visit, and the follow-up.

The initial visit provides you with basic information: a general health screening, resting metabolic rate, an EKG & laboratory tests. This initial evaluation is critical to finding whether a disease component exists that warrants additional treatment.

Approximately 7 days after the initial visit, you will meet with our physician to discuss your blood test results and treatment options.  Once the best treatment protocol for you is finalized, you will be able to receive your medications and/or treatments here at our clinic.

Follow-up is the last step in the process. You will be able to communicate regularly with our case manager to ensure that routine blood tests are completed, and your progress is monitored.   Medications and/or treatments will be available for you at our clinic every month.

Helping you to safely reach your goal is our highest priority.  Appetite suppressants, weight loss aids, bio-identical hormones, FDA-approved fat cell destroying machines, diet, exercise and careful monitoring will combine to make up your optimal treatment.



The initial and provider visits are normally scheduled for 60-90 minutes so that patients have plenty of time to have all their questions answered. Appointments for very unique or straightforward, simple treatments that do not require laboratory testing are often scheduled directly with our clinical providers, skipping the first step of our normal process.

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