Ms. Jennie Jacobi, RN

Jennie Jacobi, RN is a senior patient care nurse manager at Weight Loss & Vitality and has been with the practice since 2016. She currently practices in Alexandria, VA. Her strengths include dependability, honesty and commitment to others. Jennie graduated from the University of Portland and completed her studies in 2009. She comes to the practice from Seattle, WA where she worked as a surgical nurse in the operating room specializing in thoracic, kidney and liver transplants. She has a strong background in patient care and a great amount of experience in office based procedures. Jennie enjoys educating patients on how to better manage their health in order to reach their goals. She spends the extra time helping them understand concepts necessary to improving their overall health. She also understands the value in helping patients become more proactive about making permanent lifestyle changes necessary to prevnt ongoing medical problems from becoming more serious health complications.  Her astute diligence in recognizing patient’s needs and identifying how best to manage their healthcare makes her a valuable asset to the practice. She thoughrouly enjoys making a difference in peoples lives. Jennie plans on pursuing advanced studies in nursing and furthering her education in order to one day become a nurse practitioner. Her discerning medical expertise will undoubtedly make her a great success.


Jennie was raised in northern California where she grew-up in a large family with 9 siblings; all with whom she is still very close. Her parents visit Virginia often in order to stay close to Jennie, her husband and their 2 young daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family, crafting and attending to church.


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