Ms. Gentry Faulkner, RN

Gentry Faulkner, RN is the newest addition to our Weight Loss & Viatlity medical team. We are thrilled to have her with us as she is highly-motivated, enthusiastic and ready to provide exceptional nursing care to our Washington D.C. Farragut Square location. She holds a dual-bachelors degree in biology and nursing science. She is also a certified personal trainer and has an extensive background in personal fitness training and body building. Gentry loves empowering people to take control of their lives and health by pro-actively making positive lifestyle choices in order to avoid chronic illnesses. She believes exercise and proper nutrition are extremely powerful tools that help people avoid sickness, enjoy fullfilling lives and maintain a positive wellbeing along with mental clarity. Gentry’s strengths are itelligence, humility and kindness. She greets everyone with a smile. Her pleasant demenour and innate ability to be warm and compassionate charms everyone she meets. This winning combination of attributes will ensure patients receive the highest-quality and most exceptional healthcare in the national capital region.


Gentry is a body contouring expert. She is trained in both surgical and non-surgical body sculpting technologies. She has a vast knowledge of permanent weightloss methods and procedures.She enjoys working with patients and directing them through a positive weight loss experience - as well as guiding them through the many other services we offer clients. Her sweet and sincere disposition coupled with a serious results-driven approach will have both male and female clients feeling satisfied, nurtured and leaving with a renewed sense of self-confidence.


Gentry is from San Diego, CA. She enjoys sharing healthy food and genuine laughter with people she loves. You can often catch her exploring and hiking with her husband and energetic four-legged friend. She enjoys nearly every kind of music and reads for pleasure.


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