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Medication (Rx)

For the convenience of our clients we have an in house pharmacy at the Wellness and Vitality Center.

Testosterone Optimization

After the age of 30, men lose approximately 1-2% of their testosterone production every year.

Thyroid Optimization

Thyroid disorders can be the culprit for many problems and cause unnecessary suffering for millions of people.

BOTOX and Dermal Fillers

IV vitamin infusion

Intravenous (IV) vitamin drips delivers vitamins directly into the body for maximum absorption.

Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Battle

The Weight Loss BattleTo lose weight, you must carry out a plan to balance your ingested calories to the amount burned.  Many of us ask the question - why can’t I lose weight?  Weight loss can be very difficult and is commonly not achieved with increasing your activity and trying to consume “Healthy Foods”.  Although critical to any weight loss program diet and exercise sometimes just isn’t enough.


Lack of weight loss is often associated with stress to our hormone system across multiple systems including our brain, gut, adrenals, and sex glands.  At Weight Loss and Vitality we want to make sure we do not overlook medical conditions or hormonal imbalances that can contribute too increased weight.  Prior to any treatment our Doctors determine, through blood testing possible conditions that may be leading to increased weight retention. 


At Weight Loss and Vitality a “Total Performance Evaluation” is offered which is a comprehensive evaluation including over 20 blood test looking at all possibilities. 

Many of these tests are not routinely available at a primary care provider visit.



Beating the Hunger Bug

At Weight Loss and Vitality we offer to kick-start your weight loss with several weight loss medication and weight loss aids.  Multiple treatment plans are available which are based upon your goals, current and past medical history. 


Most of the medications are used for a short duration 12 - 16 weeks for the best weight loss result. Results vary case by case, depending on the patient's current weight, willingness to lose weight, and general health condition.


Often times it is critical for patients to change their lifestyle of diet and exercise to help maintain your weight loss over time rather than solely relying on medications.