Don't Let Your Wrinkles Keep You From Smiling: Juvéderm® Can Help

Does your reflection in the mirror have you feeling less than your best? If you don’t like what you see, you’re not alone. Skin changes with age, lines and wrinkles form, and you might be feeling older than you’d like.

Although everyone experiences aging skin as the years go by, that doesn’t mean you have to live with wrinkles that keep you from smiling. Dermal fillers are a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can give you a more youthful look and bring your smile back.

At Weight Loss & Vitality in Alexandria, Virginia, and Washington, DC, our team of aesthetic experts is here to help you look and feel your best. We’re proud to offer a suite of Juvéderm® fillers to minimize wrinkles and maximize confidence.

The science behind facial wrinkles

Young skin is naturally elastic. It contains collagen and other proteins that give it a tight, smooth appearance, even when you smile, frown, and laugh. Lips are naturally plump, cheeks are lifted, and skin is wrinkle-free.

But as you age, your skin begins to lose volume and elasticity. Collagen decreases, and skin gets drier and more delicate. People notice their cheeks begin to sag, lips get thinner, and nasolabial folds develop around the nose and mouth.

The signs of aging that appear on your face are natural, but lines and wrinkles can impact your confidence and make you look older than you feel. With advancements in cosmetic technology, there’s no need to accept a look you’re unhappy with. Juvéderm dermal fillers are FDA-approved to fight the wrinkles that are making you feel less than your best.

How Juvéderm erases wrinkles and boosts confidence

One of the most popular collections of dermal fillers available today, Juvéderm tackles some of the most frustrating signs of aging. If sagging cheeks, thin lips, or facial lines are keeping you from smiling when you look in the mirror, Juvéderm can help.

At Weight Loss & Vitality, our aestheticians are experts in using Juvéderm to enhance your natural beauty. We assess your cosmetic concerns and recommend a personalized treatment plan to lift cheeks, plump lips, or smooth wrinkles. 

All Juvéderm products use hyaluronic acid to temporarily restore volume your skin has lost due to aging. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that attracts moisture and plumps skin. When you get Juvéderm, hyaluronic acid builds volume under the surface of your skin to fill wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance.

What a Juvéderm procedure is like

Whether you’re getting Juvéderm for sunken cheeks, thinning lips, or moderate to severe nasolabial folds, our team customizes your treatment. We prepare your skin and mark specific points for the injections. 

Expect to get at least five injections of the Juvéderm hyaluronic acid solution, depending on your treatment area. Most appointments take 10-30 minutes, and there’s no downtime associated with Juvéderm treatment. 

Most patients leave our office with noticeably smoother skin and increased facial volume. Your results continue improving a couple of days following treatment, and the benefits of Juvéderm can last up to two years depending on your skin and treated area.  

It’s time to find out what Juvéderm can do for your confidence. Make your first appointment by phone, or request one online today.

Krissi Reeber, PA-C Krissi Reeber, PA-C, is a beloved certified physician assistant working at Weight Loss and Vitality in Alexandria, Virginia, and Washington, DC.In her role, she works closely with the physician's to offer compassionate and comprehensive care to patients. She’s trained in noninvasive, in-office procedures to enhance the body and face along with optimizing intimate wellness of both males and females. Krissi’s love for knowledge is evident through her impeccable academic record. She received two bachelor’s degrees with highest honors from the most prestigious universities in Florida. Following this, she pursued a Master of Arts in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education from the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, graduating with highest honors. Krissi also decided to earn another master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, where she graduated in the 99th percentile of her physician assistant class.

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