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Resistant Fat


Have you tried everything possible to get rid of fat on specific areas of your body, only to be disappointed because you cannot get the results that you want?

You are not alone! Diet- and exercise-resistant fat is most likely what you’re up against.  Early in your adolescent years, your genes and hormones predetermined how many fat cells you would have. Over the course of your life, fat cells shrink or expand depending on your eating and exercise habits.

Each fat cell in our body has receptors called alpha or beta.  These receptors determine if a fat cell is more likely to provide energy to the human body or hang around and form excess body fat. Fat cells with more alpha receptors are extremely difficult to break down while fat cells with more beta receptors provide fuel to the body.  Beta cells are subject to extreme regulation involving many factors including thyroid hormones, estrogen, insulin, and testosterone. Standard medical treatment targeting these factors can have a significant impact on reducing fat cells with beta receptors but limited effect on the alpha fat cells.

Before you get discouraged, there is a proven FDA-approved therapy for that hard-to-remove resistant fat around the waist, back, buttocks, and thigh region. Weight Loss & Vitality uses the noninvasive body-shaping treatment Vanquish ME, a device that emits radio frequencies to send targeted heat under the skin’s surface and kill fat cells. In clinical studies, this device showed dramatic results with over 30 percent removal of fat cells and patients losing up to 4 inches off their waistline.

Targeting resistant fat is also called body sculpting or body shaping.  For many people, comprehensive weight loss programs combined with body sculpting provides dramatic results.

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