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Urinary incontinence is an extremely common women’s health issue that is often easily treated. The team at Weight Loss and Vitality in Washington, DC, and Alexandria, Virginia, provide expert diagnosis and treatments for urinary incontinence so you can restore your bladder control and quality of life. Call or make an appointment online today.

Urinary Incontinence Q & A

What is urinary incontinence?

Incontinence is a condition in which you can’t control your bladder. You may have stress incontinence or an overactive bladder, which is sometimes called urge incontinence.

Stress incontinence occurs when pressure on your pelvic floor squeezes urine out of your body. For example, if you leak a little urine when you run, pick up something heavy, cough, or laugh, you may have stress incontinence.

Urge incontinence causes an intense and uncontrollable need to urinate, although you may not necessarily release much liquid.

What causes urinary incontinence?

Stress incontinence is the more common type of this condition; its cause is a weakness in your pelvic floor. Women are significantly more likely than men to develop stress incontinence as the physical trauma of pregnancy and childbirth can damage and weaken your pelvic floor. Additionally, the hormone loss of menopause can cause vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy makes the tissue in your vaginal walls weak and thin, which also reduces pelvic floor support and contributes to stress incontinence.

Urge incontinence could be due to a nerve spasm in the muscles that support your bladder, infections such as cystitis, or conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

How is urinary incontinence diagnosed?

The team at Weight Loss and Vitality diagnose incontinence with a women’s health physical exam and a urinalysis. They may ask you to keep a bladder diary or complete a post-void residual measurement test. These tests help your doctor identify any infections or issues that contribute to your incontinence so they can provide the best possible treatment to relieve your symptoms.

How are urinary incontinence conditions treated?

The team at Weight Loss and Vitality provide customized treatment options for urinary incontinence. For example, you may benefit from physical therapy and lifestyle adjustments to strengthen your pelvic floor and reduce stress on your bladder. Bladder training and double voiding can also help reduce your incontinence.

In other cases, your doctor may recommend a pessary to add support to your pelvic floor and prevent urine leakage. You may also benefit from treatments such as the Emsella® chair or the BTL Ultra Femme 360™ to strengthen your vaginal tissue and pelvic floor.

If you have incontinence symptoms, don’t be embarrassed to talk to your doctor. Call Weight Loss and Vitality or schedule a women’s health consultation online today to get the help you need.

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