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"Revive Your Intimacy with PT-141: The Breakthrough Treatment You Need to Know About!"

PT-141 for Sexual Health

PT-141, sometimes referred to as bremelanotide, is an incredible substance that exerts several pharmacological activities throughout the body. Animal and human studies have demonstrated these effects, making it a potential therapeutic for conditions related to sexual function. This article will describe PT-141 and the evidence supporting its use.

What is PT-141?

PT-141 is a manmade substance that mimics natural a-MSH, a melanocortin (1). Melanocortins are proteins that execute several biological activities within the brain. These include energy balance, food intake, fever and inflammatory effects, social and sexual function, cognition, cardiovascular effects, nerve creation, neuroprotection, and more (2).

PT-141 for Men

PT-141 can be particularly helpful for men struggling with sexual function. Research in rats evaluated how PT-141 administration to rats affected penile erections. PT-141 treatment stimulated neurons within the hypothalamus. In healthy male participants ages 18 to 45, PT-141 induced increased penis rigidity, erection duration, and overall sexual function in a dose-dependent manner (3).

One study assessed how a different melanocortin agonist affected erectile dysfunction. Investigators administered Melanotan-II (MT-II) at a dose of 0.025 mg/kg to 10 men with erectile dysfunction. After administration, eight of those men developed erections within an average time of 38 minutes. Side effects included nausea, low appetite, yawning, and stretching, however, none of this required intervention or treatment (4). It should be noted that MT-II is a melanocortin agonist like PT-141, but they are not the same substance.

PT-141 for Women

Because PT-141 has demonstrated efficacy in inducing and maintaining erections, you may wonder how it affects sexual function in women. The good news is that it can have positive effects in women too, specifically with regards to sexual desire.

One study evaluated how PT-141 affected sexual behaviors in premenopausal women with sexual arousal disorder. A total of 18 premenopausal women with sexual arousal disorder received either PT-141 at a single dose of 20 mg intranasally or placebo. Individuals then watched a sexually explicit video, and measures of sexual response were assessed in the following 24 hour period.

Women treated with PT-141 reported statistically significant increases in sexual desire versus those taking placebo. In those having intercourse in the following 24 hours, more women reported satisfaction with their sexual arousal versus placebo. Thus, PT-141 may be a promising therapeutic in initiating sexual desire in women (5).

Treatment details


Follow the directions given by your doctor as to how to administer PT-141. The injectable dosage form of PT-141 is 1.75 mg. If using the injection, you should take it at least 45 minutes before sexual activity and do not exceed more than one dose within 24 hours. Additionally, you should not use more than eight doses of PT-141 per month (6)(7).

Side effects

PT-141 can cause side effects. These include nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, flushing, cough, and nasal congestion. It some cases, it may cause increased blood pressure and lowered heart rate. If you experience any of these two adverse effects, contact your doctor.


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David Bauder David J. Bauder, PA-C David Bauder, PA-C, is a certified physician assistant and the assistant medical director at Weight Loss and Vitality in Manassas and Alexandria, Virginia, Washington, DC; and Gaithersburg, MD. He enjoys helping patients optimize their physical and mental health to improve their overall well-being. He earned his physician assistant degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Afterward, he gained admission into the reputable graduate program for physician assistant studies at the University of Nebraska Health Science Center in Omaha. David has over 26 years of experience working as a physician assistant. He’s practiced in podiatry, family medicine, emergency medicine, general surgery, urgent care, and functional medicine.

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