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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Therapy includes treatment for men and women for different medical conditions. Conditions such as urinary or fecal incontinence, frequent urination, loss of sensation and pelvic pain all can be improve with therapy. The pelvic floor muscles are critical to maintain support and serve as the floor for the abdominal organs including the bladder and rectum. Additionally, the pelvic floor maintains the ability to expand and contract for bowel and bladder control. Over time secondary to aging, disease, surgery or trauma the pelvic floor may become weak, tight or spastic resulting in different symptoms and a decreased quality of life.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Therapy Q&A

Who is Pelvic Floor Treatment for?

Men and Women who are experiencing pain, loss of sensation, incontinence, laxity, or instability of the pelvic region.

At Weight Loss and Vitality our specialist use the BTL Emsella for aggressive strengthening of the pelvic floor. The BTL Emsella™ is a new treatment procedure for incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction that utilizes high intensity focused electromagnetic technology, aka “HIFEM Technology”, to stimulate, strengthen, and restore neuromuscular control to deep pelvic floor muscles. This is FDA-approved device for both men and women treat prolapsed pelvic floor muscles resulting in pelvic weakness and urinary incontinence. Emsella uses a unique chair design for maximum comfort — patients remain fully clothed during their pain-free, half-hour sessions and can leave their appointments to resume all normal activities immediately.

While you relax on the Emsella chair, the device sends waves of high intensity focused electromagnetic energy into your pelvic floor, triggering 11,200 muscle contractions in just 28 minutes. These contraction are supramaximal physiologic contraction beyond the normal ability of regular Kegel exercises.

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